"Change is the end result of all true learning" 

The Vurrv Project Education condenses our ethos and values, using the school system as a vehicle, to deliver classes, workshops & clubs to the wider community. We work closely with schools to aid the health and wellbeing development of children. We see this as a short falling in the current system and strive to change the dynamic of modern education. We see our services and what they promote as integral to the development of the worlds next leading creatives. Creativity and innovation is at the heart of every industry, particularly in the fast paced world as we know it today.

Our services are not limited to mainstream schools, as we believe in catering to all learning styles. We have delivered classes in specialist schools and in homeschool settings. 

We specialise in mindfulness and wellbeing, dance, physical education, drama and musical theatre. The Vurrv Project Education is qualified to handle all of the health and wellbeing developmental needs of your child(ren) in whatever environment they function the best. 

Please contact caroline@thevurrvproject.com to enquiry about our services.