FCV is a private football academy, providing professional coaching of the highest standard to players in the North-West of England.


Founded by Derice Richards in 2018, Football Club Vurrv was established in order to provide players with the tools to reach their potential technically, emotionally and creatively. With an alternative curriculum including music, wellbeing and more — our club has created a culture for players to thrive and build qualities to excel in life not only football. We specialise in support & training for players who have fallen out of the Academy system with a willingness to play. Offering a compassionate and patient approach to development. 

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FCV replicates street football to build technique. Lots of small sided games for opposed practise, coupled with contemporary specialised equipment for unopposed technique development. We also run a fluid football & futsal curriculum. 


We encourage a variety of activities for our players, we believe in transferrable skills and will promote various avenues for our players to develop in, such as dance, music, art & other sports! There's more to an FCV player than just football. 


Competition is at the crux of our curriculum as it increases the rate of development! HOWEVER, we also understand the pressures that can come with competition. So we incorporate mindfulness techniques into our sessions to help players deal with those ups & downs!


Hi. I'm Dee, founder/chairman/head of coaching/any other title you can think of. I developed the FCV philosophy. 

I've got experience playing & coaching at all levels, and around the world. I don't profess to know everything by any means, but I have invested time & effort into my studies of the game and continue to do so. 

I'm very select on the who I work with, any coaches delivering for FCV will be naturally aligned to the philosophy and our goals, creating continuity throughout the age groups.

Our Coach Profiles will be available soon.

Emerging Talent

An inclusive session running from the same model as the FCV Academy. Perfect for those just starting their football journey, or to supplement current training commitments. We welcome all players from all clubs to sample our professional coaching. 

Below is a breakdown of the 'ET Phases of Development'.


All ages listed are generalised and should a player need to move between development phases we will see to it that that happens as soon and as safely as possible. 



Early Youth Development (8-12yrs) 

Late Youth Development (13-16yrs)

Professional Development (Over 16yrs)

FCV Academy

Elite professional coaching for selected players. Ideally players will come to the academy through the 'ET Development Centre' (see above) and compete in local futsal & football leagues. Players will be under the guidance of professional football club academy coaches with REAL links/opportunities to further their career with a professional club, should they excel & wish to. 

The Academy specialise in working with ex-academy players who have faced setbacks. We are extremely passionate about sustaining a love of the game and developing skills to cope with the inevitable ups & downs that come with football.

See below the age groups that we run.






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